Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cardamom Fruit Dip

Sorry. I have no picture of this easy, yummy dip. We used it on apple slices when we had company over, and it disappeared pretty fast. Next time, perhaps...

4 tbsp. cream cheese, softened
liberal dashes of ground cardamom, to taste (1/2 tsp.?)
lemon or vanilla extract, or both, to taste
granulated sugar, to taste
sour cream, about 8-12 oz.

Blend together the softened cream cheese and the sour cream. Stir in the sugar until incorporated, and then add flavorings, to taste. We've only used this on apple slices, but I think it would be equally good on grapes and bananas.


heidiann(e) said...

whoa that sounds good.
we used to mix brown sugar with sour cream to put on strawberries (when celebrating) and apples.

abigail said...

We used to, too! (And still do.)

This is the hoity-toity version of the same.