Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sugar Delight

As dictated to me by Chef Millie, here's the recipe for her stunning Sugar Delight. (The top picture is after melting in the microwave, but before stirring; the bottom picture is before melting and stirring).

Use your own culinary sense in determining amounts and adding order. If I may offer one suggestion, go easy on the sugar and heavy on the delight.

brown sugar (I saw how much she added. It was about 1/2 cup!)
cinnamon sugar
crisp rice cereal
peanut butter
semisweet chocolate chips
a "tad" of salt
a tad of water

You stir it and heat it in the microwave until melty. Then stir it again after heating it in the microwave. Whoever makes this could make their own-- 'specially the children-- their own recipe.

For 3+. [Ages three and up. I assume she means the preparers can be three and up, as two year-olds can easily eat this...not that they should).


Sarah Burd said...

Hi Abigail (from your new blogger fan!) :) thanks for your comment on my blog. Fun!
Can you teach me how you take such cool photos= your quality comes out SO GREAT! I'm trying to learn photography. Little by little...
email me sometime:

Liana said...

Yay for chef Millie!