Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Word to You, the Reader

I don't know how many people actually come over here, but I've noticed the total chaos slight lack of organization here on buildabelly. How many of you would benefit from me adding labels in the sidebar so that you could search for recipes according to category? I don't want to go through the bother of adding labels (because I'm lazy) if it won't make a difference to anyone, so if you'd like some, let me know in the comments section, along with any suggestions for categories that you have.

With utmost sincerity, I remain
Your Builder of Bellies and Your Fill'er of Hup


katmc said...

i stumbled upon your blog looking for a cheesy broccoli recipe. tried it, everyone looooved it! i've also looked thru some of your other recipes and i'm hoping to try them out soon too. labels would be nice. i would just do simple labels like: breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert. again thanks for the reipes! off to make the broccoli again tonight.

alltheposts said...

I would love labels, but don't make it too hard on yourself!!

a friend of the P family said...

I would find labels very useful.

Michelle P said...

you read my mind Abby!! I was browsing through your recipes just last week, saying to myself, "I wish there was a way to find what I want faster!" But then, I thought to myself, hmmm..she has 4 kids, and a blog, PLUS she types out all these lovely recipes. And I'm complaining cause I can't find the spicy chicken fast enough! ;)
So, there are my thoughts...I would definitely LOVE it if there was a label sidebar, and I'd use your lovely recipes more often, but if it takes a long time, I don't want to take up your valuable time building my belly! :)
for suggestions for sidebar ideas, maybe chocolate and zucchini would have some good ideas...I think she has an extensive list!
My taste buds thank you!!

sarah said...

I, also, am in favor of labels. what would soft pretzels be under, hmmm?

abigail said...

It's decided, then! Swayed by a unanimous vote of 5-0, I'll add labels.


Until I do, please avail yourself of the search bar at the upper left corner of this page. Type in what you desire, click on "search blog," and--POOF!-- a magic food genie will bring you what you long for.

p.s. Michelle, I just googled "chocolate and zucchini" to find that blog and now wonder why on EARTH you even bother coming to buildabelly! Golly, I just about swooned.

Melanie said...

labels would be great. Otherwise I scan all your pages to see what yummy foods i can fix next.

abigail said...

Thank you. Your comment pushed me over the edge. Behold! Labels!