Thursday, July 09, 2015

What a Trick! (How to Cut Corn Off the Cob)

I posted this to shotsnaps last year, but it's worth copying here.

Confined to my room with a whopping spinal headache from the c-section after Piper's birth and unable to hold her yet because she was on oxygen in the nursery, I turned on the television.  A friendly chef then proceeded to share a corn-cutting method that changed my life.  In the past, when preparing corn to freeze for winter, I cut it on a cutting board. The kernels would fly east, west, north, and south.  No longer.  

In case you need a life-changing, corn-cutting method, here it is.  Place a small bowl upside-down inside a larger bowl.  The top of the smaller bowl should be about even with the lip of the larger bowl.  The larger bowl contains the falling kernels, and, if your large bowl is big enough, you can whip through 5 dozen ears without having to stop to bag any up.  

You're welcome.

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