Thursday, July 25, 2013

Here's an Idea: Chocolate Truffle Basket

These truffles from a Martha Stewart cookbook have been my standby since Millie was a baby.  We go waaaay back.   

A few years ago, I celebrated May Day by giving a friend from church this basket, made of chocolate, and filled with truffles.  


I rolled some of the truffles in yellow sprinkles and cut out flower petals from white card stock in order to make the daisies.  I know.  It's so cute, it's sickening.


Good news!  To make your very own truffle basket, you only need a bit of waxed paper, some ribbon, a knife, and chocolate chips!  

This is how I do it: 
Cut a circle of the desired size out of wax paper.  Melt a bag of chocolate chips and a couple of tablespoons of butter the microwave, in 30-second increments.  Stir frequently to avoid scorching.  (To be safe, use a double boiler or a bowl set on top of a pot of water on the stovetop.)  Stir until smooth, and spoon equal amounts of chocolate over each paper circle, using a teaspoon to spread close to the edges to make chocolate rounds with scalloped edges.  (Make sure you spread the chocolate thick enough to ensure easy paper/chocolate separation.) Carefully lift each covered paper round and drape it over an upturned glass, curving the edges to create a frilled effect. Let the chocolate set completely, then carefully lift off the chocolate shape and peel away the paper. With your sharp knife, poke a couple of holes through the chocolate and thread a ribbon through.  Voila!  You  just made a basket for truffle daisies!

*This is also the process I've used for making cake decorations (here and here) and chocolate dessert cups.

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